Your Day in Court: Success in the courtroom starts before you walk in

Sometimes, the courtroom hallways hold more surprises than the courtroom itself.  It is important not to overlook the challenges, and benefits, that can surface in these crowded and often chaotic hallways. I have witnessed clients become completely flustered and intimidated because of something unexpected that occurred while waiting for their courtroom to open.  By that same token, I have also seen parties come to agreements on issues I thought had no chance of being resolved amicably.  For today, we will focus on the challenges. 


There isn’t a lot of privacy in the hallways at the courthouse. As a result, parties often see their ex-spouse and have to wait in the same area.  This, in and of itself, can be taxing and emotionally stressful. However, it is to be expected.  Hopefully it doesn’t catch anyone off guard.  It is the unexpected events that can inflict the most damage.

The New Love Interest

These events tend to revolve around who the ex-spouse has with them.  Perhaps the most defeating or unnerving is when an Ex shows up with a new love interest.  It really doesn’t matter who left whom at this point.  A new love interest, witnessed for the first time at court, will have an impact.


The presence of an ex-spouse’s family members can also take a toll.  These are often people who you considered to be your family as well during the marriage.  These are people who you spent holidays with and were an integral part of your life.  People who you loved or still love.  Seeing them on them standing against you, possibly unwilling to even speak to you, can be really hard. 

On any court day, it is so important to expect the unexpected.  Ready yourself for the possibility that there may be new love interest, former trusted family members or even mutual friends standing in the corner of your ex-spouse.  Prepare for this reality in advance so you don’t get emotionally blindsided at court and waste energy processing these emotions.  This will allow you to focus on the legal issues at stake that day and remain focus, hopefully with minimal distractions.