When Meghan Markle married Harry of Windsor, she became legit royalty by marrying a prince.  By all outward appearances, her new husband seems to be caring, attentive and an all-around good chap.  Hopefully, it will have the fairy-tale ending that those who care about these things hope for.  They are newlyweds—after all—just like you were, and everyone hopes for a happy ending at a wedding.

But, that wasn’t the only wedding occurring that day and it’s not the only important wedding that has occurred in the history of time.  Your wedding was more important.  Your marriage was more important to you.  Didn’t you think you had married a “prince” as well?

When considering divorce, one of the most devastating situations women have to reconcile in their minds is this one: I didn’t marry the person I thought I had.  I thought I married the person with whom I would would share my life for the rest of time.  I expected a fairy-tale ending.

When people in marriages change from who we think they are and when marriages change from what we thought they would be, looking at it with clear eyes and truth can be crushing.  Oftentimes, it takes years to come to a conclusion, one way or the other.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have a new fairy-tale ending: the one you create that puts you at the center of your life.  The one in which you have control.  The one in which your children see you happy and peaceful.  The one in which you make your own decisions and decide to do better this time...with or without a tiara.