Does that idea resonate for you?  I have been thinking a lot about this thought and the ways in which it applies to my life and the women I counsel.  How many of us have been told that we cant, shouldn’t, won’t?  What have you been told, either outright or implied?

            *You can’t defy your husband,

            *You can’t go back to school,

            *You won’t ever be happy if you divorce,

            *You can’t “break up” your family,

            *You shouldn’t ask for too much,

            *You won’t be able to find a good job that supports you,

            *You won’t find a man as good as your husband,

            *You can’t divorce your husband; it will ruin your children,

            *You won’t be able to make it on your own.

            The moment you believe other peoples’ limitations of your abilities and what you deserve, you’ve given them your power and given them control of your life and happiness.  Why in the world would you think of doing that?  Your life belongs to YOU. 

            What would happen if you not only defied their expectations but your own?  What if you didn’t let fear and apprehension rule your decisions?  What if you acted like the warrior princess that you already are and own your life? 

            Disappointment never killed anyone but making decisions based upon fear is always a poor choice.

            This is your moment, your day, your month, your year to put yourself out into the world.  You’ve already conformed to others’ expectations of you and if you weren’t happy with those outcomes, why not live another way.

            What do YOU want right now?  What do YOU expect of your life? What passions have YOU never pursued because you were told you couldn’t?  What if—here’s a crazy idea—you just did them?  What if you started investigating them, planning them, figuring it out?

            Here is your new mantra: