Words to live by, don’t you think?  When you are contemplating divorce, you can relive a thousand setbacks in your marriage.  While going through the process, setbacks are inevitable and very challenging.  Post-divorce, you may second guess your decision or have regrets in your marriage.  Any way you slice it, divorce isn’t a slice of chocolate cake and there seems to be setback after setback.  You may be asking yourself when those setbacks are going to take a back seat in your life.

            The simple answer is: when you begin planning for your comeback.  Remember: you only have control over three things in your life: your own thoughts, your own behaviors and your own reactions.  It may not seem like much but actually it’s your entire life.  That’s a lot of power...if you choose to focus your thoughts and energy in that direction.  You don’t have control over the setbacks your wusband or others put in your path.  But, how amazing would it be to plan and bigger and better comeback?

            Comeback to what, you may wonder after a long series of setbacks?  Comeback to your passion.  Comeback to your dignity.  Comeback to your purpose.  Comeback to owning your life.  Comeback to the dreams and plans you put on hold.  Comeback to your joy.

            When you divorce, there is pain and regret.  But there is also the possibility of beginning and new and better life on your terms.  You have the opportunity to define the rules and build new relationships with better boundaries. 

            There are countless tales of sports teams or individual athletes who endured failure after failure and then went on to win the World Series or a gold medal.  Heck, the Red Sox went a few generations without a big win and then won two World Series.  Doesn’t that make the win even sweeter and more meaningful?

            How about if you start rooting for yourself?  Why not plan for your big win?