A Positive Look at Drew Barrymore’s Post Divorce Revelations

Barrymore recently opened up about her divorce, and many headlines have zeroed on the same thing – She was in a “very dark and fearful place” after her divorce.  While this is absolutely a relatable and common experience for those who have experienced divorce, we would like to see some of these headlines replaced with a more encouraging and hopeful message. One example that jumped out to us relates to how Barrymore and her ex-husband are co-parenting their two daughters. 

“The exes have remained amicable as they continue to co-parent their two daughters — Olive, 5, and Frankie, 3.”

 This fact was buried at the very end of the article in US Weekly.  It shouldn’t be.  We understand that leading with this idea may not draw as much attention or generate enough clicks.  It is, however, more newsworthy.  Rarely do we see media coverage highlighting how well two divorced people get along or co-parent for the sake of their children, and themselves.  Barrymore’s example should be lauded as #DivorceGoals.  Instead, the reader is focused on how she was in a dark place emotionally and stopped working. 

Effectively co-parenting and remaining amicable with your Ex can often seem unattainable.  It is so important to remember that it is possible.  By publishing stories with this message, media outlets can break from tradition and lead with a message of hope.  One day, we would love to see a headline that reads, “Movie star opens up about divorce – shares secret to co-parenting with love and respect.”