The news of Vanessa Trump filing for divorce from Donald Trump Jr., her husband of twelve years, inspired a good deal of conversation about reasons why she—or any woman—would divorce a man of considerable financial means and notoriety. The Trump Jrs have five young children together and while one can only speculate on the reasons for the divorce filing, for any woman, with or without children or with or without money in the bank or nannies at their disposal, the reasons for divorce are the same across all economic or societal levels.  Do any of these apply to you?

            1. There is a lack of respect in your marriage—It’s difficult to remain in a marriage in which you feel dismissed, rejected, insulted, and made fun of.

            2. You feel disconnected from your partner—Not only do you not spend time together, you have little to discuss when you do.

            3. One or both of you has given up trying—Trying to repair the marriage isn’t important anymore.

            4. You disagree whether to have children—One of you wants them and the other doesn’t.  This isn’t something that either of you should give in about. Children should be wanted by both parents.  This is definitely a topic that should have been discussed in depth before marriage.

            5. You are fighting more now that you ever have—Disagreements are more frequent and with greater emotional volatility.

            6. Neither of you wants to compromise—Remember when you each said, “You choose this time and I’ll choose next time”?  Not so much anymore.

            7. You’re not a team—You used to work as a united front in parenting the children and supported each other’s dreams and goals.  Now it’s every man—and woman—for themselves.

            8. You have zero interest in sex or any type of physical intimacy—You don’t find your partner sexually interesting and in fact, may feel like you “have to” have sex although that’s the last thing you want to do.

            9. You spend more time with technology than with your partner—You are both on your phones, scrolling through social media or looking at cat videos on your iPad.

            10. You secretly daydream about being single or with someone else—You imagine your life without your partner...and you like it.

            You certainly don’t need all ten of these items on your mind to begin thinking about divorce, but all of these are red flags that your relationship needs serious consideration.