First Thing’s First:  The #1 Step Everyone Should Take When Researching Divorce

When people start thinking about actually filing for divorce, many are often struck by what they don’t know about the legal process. Questions start popping up at a fast and furious pace. How do I start?  How much will it cost?  How long will it take?  It can be overwhelming. 

These unanswered questions can create anxiety and it is common to want to seek answers as quickly as possible.  For some, this means heading online for some Google searches on ‘how to get divorced’.  For others, it may mean a conversation with a friend or family member who has been through divorce.  Or maybe a consultation with a family law attorney is scheduled. 

Whatever path is chosen, there is one step that will always provide free and verified legal information about divorce in your state.  Doing this first is a always good idea no matter how you move forward.

Start your research journey by first by visiting your County’s court website. If your county doesn’t have a website, or it doesn’t include information about divorce, try your state court website. These sites typically have entire sections devoted to divorce that cover a multitude of topics. For example, a visit to the Divorce page of the California Courts website will yield a ton of resources, including:

·      Divorce Basics

·      Filing For Divorce

·      Responding to Divorce

·      Completing a Divorce

·      Spousal Support

·      Child Support

·      Child Custody and Visitation

·      Property and Debt

·      Frequently Asked Questions for all topics

The best part about state and county court websites is that the information on these sites is current, verified and free.  This makes it the perfect starting point to empower yourself with helpful information about the legal process and next steps.  This will give you a solid legal foundation moving forward, which is critical whether you are hiring an attorney or moving forward on your own.