The Empowered Woman’s Guide to Divorce:  Why write a divorce book just for women?

The Empowered Woman’s Guide to Divorce:  Why write a divorce book just for women?

We get this question a lot.  People are curious why we didn’t write a book just for men, or for both women and men. Without a doubt, these are all fair questions.   When we set out to write this book, we both gravitated towards the idea of writing it with women in mind. There was no agenda.  It just came together organically for a variety of reasons.

Too much material for one book.

This book is unique because it covers both the legal and emotional sides of divorce.  Do to both perspectives justice, we had to cover a lot of material. We also recognize that women and men experience divorce differently, meaning this could not be a one-size-fits-all book for both sexes.  In the alternative, writing for both women and men would have meant fitting two books into one, and a six hundred page book on divorce just wasn’t going to happen.  So we had to focus on one gender. Honestly, tackling both the emotional and legal perspectives for just women was almost too much for one book.  In fact, we had to cut out more than 100 pages.

We each have deep experience working with female clients.

Adam has spent the past 6+ years working with an almost entirely female client base, with a focus on preparing them to represent themselves in Family Law Court.  While Dr. Jill works with both men and women, she has a deeply personal understanding of a woman's concerns in the process of divorce. It was a natural course for our first book together. 

No, this isn’t an anti-men book.

A book written for women is not inherently anti-men.  This book is not about assigning blame or bashing the opposite sex. This is about tailoring the issues to one gender’s perspective. In this case, women. Plus, this book was co-authored by a man.  Adam did not set out to write a book disparaging men, but to empower women.  We think readers will agree.

Can men read this book?

Absolutely.  There two reasons men can, and should, read this book.  The first is about gaining perspective. This is an opportunity for men to view divorce through a new lens, and learn that their wife’s experience may not be so different from their own.  By seeing both sides, people are better able to communicate and collaborate; which are essential to an amicable divorce.

Secondly, many of these concepts can be beneficial to men.  Husbands experience a wide range of emotions during divorce, and it should be no surprise they are sometimes aligned with their wives.

While a book for men may reveal itself in the future, we simply hope that women will find help and comfort on their journey in The Empowered Woman's Guide to divorce.